Update MIUI 7 Untuk Redmi 1S

Untuk MIUI 7 V7 7.2.3 ke V7 7.3.1


Optimization - Improved app signature verification (03-21)


Optimization - Send contacts' name card style (12-25)Optimization - Optimized starred messages' text box style (12-25)Optimization - Supporting syncing part of SIM card messages (12-25)Fix - When recipients exceeded one line, the upper and lower parts might get cut (12-24)Fix - Texts in input box could not be seen when sending a message (12-25)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar

Fix - Status bar was black in some situations (12-08)Fix - Sometimes status bar disappeared (12-24)Fix - Power button menu could not be read out or operated on in Accessibility mode (01-12)

Home screen

Optimization - Home screen icons animated effects at unlocking (12-08)Fix - Home screen crashed in some situations. (12-02)Fix - Sometimes daily lockscreen did not work (01-06)Fix - It asked to change folder name when first open the folder in Mi Space mode after rebooting (01-12)Fix - Issue with lost Home screen icons after they've been successfully restored and device rebooted (01-25)


Optimization - In random playing mode, pressing 'Play all' in song list will not always start playing from the first song in the list (12-15)


Optimization - New design for Mi Mover (01-25)


New - Brand new Weather app. Added 24 hours forecast (12-11)


Fix - Problem with interruption of unlock settings while entering a password (03-29)Fix - Backups couldn't be created in some cases (03-29)

Mi Drop

Fix - Sometimes WiFi did not connect after files were sent (12-10)


New - Support adding apps to exception list in one press (11-30)New - New version of Deep clean. Added available storage space (12-15)New - New version of photos cleaning feature. Added duplicate photos/accidental photos/under and overexposed/screenshots sections (12-15)New - Added 'save the sharpest photos' option when cleaning duplicate photos (12-15)New - Deep clean supports cleaning APK. files (01-05)New - Deep clean supports managing videos (01-05)Optimization - Logic of defining rarely used apps (12-15)Fix - Errors in calculating sizes of deep clean big files (01-05)

Mi Cloud

New - Added account lock after flashing phone in Find device. Avoid risks of lost phone being used by others (12-22)


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