FAQ Top-up Package on Xiaomi Phone (MIUI)

1. What’s Top-up package? Top-up package is a service that provides cheap phone calls. The funds used for these service are associated with your Mi Account and have no direct connection with your carrier plan. 2. Which devices support Top-up package? Mi 2A (3G), Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4c, Mi Note, Mi Note Pro, Redmi 1S (3G China Unicom/China Telecom), Redmi 2 (4G), Redmi 2A, Redmi Note (Dual SIM), Redmi Note (4G China Mobile/China Unicom), Redmi Note2, Redmi Note3. The service is currently being tested and may not be available on some devices. 3. Purchasing Top-up package 3.1 Activation Top-up package is activated immediately after purchase. 3.2 Expiration time Top-up package can be used anytime, it never expires. 3.3 Top-up package and your carrier plan There are no upper limits for the amount of calls that can be placed with Top-up package. This service can be used jointly with your carrier plan. After activation, outcoming calls will be placed with Top-up package in case there are sufficient funds on your balance. 3.4 Payment methods You can add funds to your Top-up package balance in Mi Wallet. The money can be transferred to your Mi Wallet by a variety of methods, including bank cards and Alipay. 3.5 Support Call Xiaomi support hotline in case you have any problems or suggestions, or would like to share your feedback: 400-100-5678. 4. Placing a call 4.1 Range of use You can place international and domestic calls with Top-up package. Service and short numbers aren’t supported. 4.2 Conditions To use Top-up package, you should turn on notifications for incoming calls, and should not turn on call forwarding. To place a call, your device should be connected to the Internet; every call may consume about 1KB of mobile data. 4.3 Billing After the purchase, the funds are converted into minutes for domestic/international calls. The call will be terminated in case the minutes run out during the conversation. The duration of the call shorter than a minute will be considered a full minute. Calls to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions will be considered international calls. 4.4 Possible charges from the carrier Users who pay for incoming calls may still be charged by the carrier. The carrier will charge you in case use roaming. Using Top-up package does not generate long-distance call fees. 4.5 Visible phone number After the person who is supposed to receive a call turns on the notifications for incoming calls, the phone number of the person placing the outcoming call will be visible to the person receiving the call. 5. Account Top-up package is associated with your Mi Account, and not with your phone number or device. If you change your phone number or device, you will be able to use the remaining funds on your Mi Account (even when the phone number and device are new). See Question 2 to learn which devices currently support this service.


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