Overview of the Slims

Slims stands Senayan Library Management System which was first developed February 2007, and was released to the public November 2007. Initially Slims development carried out by two librarians: Hendro Wicaksono (Kemendikbud) and Arie Nugraha (UI), fully supported by the Ministry of Education and Libraries Culture.

Currently Slims development carried out by the user community hand in hand through the internet. The idea of development because of the difficulty of getting Slims based library management software for easy to use and learn, continue to actively developed, abiding by the rules of library science, as well as the license allows it to be disseminated for commercial and noncommercial.

In 2009, the first prize INAICTA Slims category Open Source and become the official software IGOS (Indonesia Go Open Source) for the management of the library. Slims have been used in hundreds of libraries at home and abroad, both small to large-scale library.

Slims also have complementary software that is used to build a shared catalog (union catalogs) between users Slims

Slims fellow members also have discussion forums periodically hold Slims Community Meetup become an annual event which users gather and share knowledge Slims (*)


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