Education Minister Launches Android Application Library Kemendikbud

The public need to access the library catalog can now be met through mobile technology. Coinciding with National Teacher Day celebration (HGN) 2014, Tuesday (25/11), the Minister of Education and Culture (Education) Anies Baswedan launched Senayan Library application managementsystem (Slims) Android version and portals , in Jakarta . This launch is a birthday present for the 10th Kemendikbud Library.

Application Slims Android version was developed to facilitate visitors see Kemendikbud Library collection. No need to worry, the future of these applications not only can be used by visitors to the Library Kemendikbud alone, but can be used by any library, especially those already using Slims.

Education Minister Anies Baswedan convey a sense of pride and gratitude to Kemendikbud Library has been able to keep up with technology, even a pioneer of such developments. As is known, has given birth Kemendikbud Library software open source library management system which has been used by thousands of libraries at home and abroad.

"On behalf of the Ministry congratulated the Library Kemdikbud the age of 10 is still providing excellent service to the visitors in the provision of library materials and information related to education and culture," said Minister of Education.

Education Minister quoting what was raised by SR Raganathan about "Five Laws of Library Science", where the fifth point stated, "The library is growing organism" which means that the library is an organism that is constantly evolving. Developed here means to grow into a better course. It is as shown in the current library is so very rapid development. The development of information technology and diversity form the library collection is a factor that requires libraries and librarians to "run" faster.

With Slims, many libraries are greatly assisted in the management of libraries, both public libraries, special, college, school, inside, and outside the country.

Features of the Android version of this app Slims easier for visitors to access the catalog of books that are in the Library Kemendikbud. In the future, this application will be developed not just access the catalog, but also to extend the lending period.

To get this app can be downloaded via the website visitors . or Google PlayStore. And if visitors want to go straight to the Library Kemendikbud, this application also provides a feature-based maps google maps.

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