You Boy or Girl ?

A lot of boys and girl in wistern countries are wearing the same kinds of clothes , and many of them have long hair, so it is often difficult to tell whether they are boys or girl .

one day, an old gentelman went for a walk in park in woshington, and when he was tired he sat down on a bench. A young person was standing on the other side of pond.

"My goodness!" the old man said to person who was sitting next to him on the bench. " Do you see that person with the loose pant and long hair ? it is a boy or girl ?"
"A girl," said his neighbor. "She is my Daughter."
"Oh!" the old gentelman said quickly. "Please forgive me, I didn't know that you were her morher."
"I'm not" said the other person. "I'm her father".

Answer these question :

  1. what did the old gentelman see on the other side of the pond?


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