The ant and the dove

On a hot day, an ant walking across the water. He stopped at the edge of a river to quench their thirst.

When trying to reach the water, ants climbing a sprig of grass. Landscape, he fell into the river and drift.

A dove perched on a tree to see the plight of the ants, and then picking a leaf and dropped it into the river right next to the ants. Ants climbing leaves and mengampung safe to riverbanks.

Shortly afterwards a bird catcher came and installed to catch the sap wood pigeon perched on a stem. Ant, knowing the purpose of the capture of birds, biting his leg. Screaming in pain, the bird catcher threw gummy stem. Polls made the conscious and immediately dove fly. Thanks small ants, pigeons out of danger.

Moral of this story: 'Every good deed is repaid in kind'

Show kindness to friends in this month, and always connected with the people you love.


Produk : The ant and the dove

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