The Lion and the Mouse Small

Once a large lion was awakened by a little mouse ran across his face.

Lion awoke angry and catch the rat. As he opened his mouth, lion preparing to swallow the rat when the mice pleading and said: 'If you are willing to spare the lives of my precious, I will definitely repay glorious in the future.'

The King of the Forest amused to imagine a little mouse will be able to help him someday. But then he let go of the mouse.

Shortly thereafter, a huge lion was caught by a gang of hunters and tied firmly to the ground. Little mouse heard the lion roar and bite the rope come with sharp teeth to break up until the lion was free.

Small rodents also said 'You have helped me and now I've repay you. A little mouse can help Lions'.

The moral of the story 'There is no good, no matter how small, is wasted.'

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